It is more important who you are in Christ than what you do!

As a ministry, our goal is to provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn and grow in their faith. We see this happen most often when people  help out during our organized summer camps and retreats, and sometimes in the quietness of the off-season.


As fellow Christians, we ask that you continue to lift this ministry up in your prayers. We know that we are nothing and can do nothing without our God.

As a ministry, we have experienced the power of
prayer in hearts healed, relationships restored, and God’s miraculous provision for the needs of His


We are a faith-based ministry that operates on the basis of the support of our association churches and
the donations of those who have been impacted by our ministry.We are also a registered charity. You will get a tax receipt.


We love to have others involved in the process through the year. In the summer, we are blessed to have a range of help from highschool students to grandparents and retirees who come to serve with us for a week at a time or more. We also have work continuing through the year helping to cook during retreats, renovation projects, maintenance, cleaning etc.


New Life Camp has started a monthly update. This way you can know what we have been up to and how the Lord has been working throughout the year. This is a great way to get involved and to know what is coming up so that you can plan ahead!




We have been asked by many of our friends and churches, involved in the ministry of New Life Camp, to share our current projects. We have many plans for the camp and it seems we are able to slowly work away at the upgrades as the Lord lays on our hearts what is best at the time. Some of the material for these projects are already stored from previous donations or projects so the estimated cost has those materials already accounted for!


The Gazebo

The Gazebo Project has been in the planning stage for a few years now and we are excited to finally launch it.  This project will provide two primary functions to the ministry.  The first is based on the type of construction we have chosen.  A full concrete basement with a concrete lid will provide a much needed shelter from tornadoes and serious weather events.  Its location on the property is central and will provide the greatest form of protection for all campers and staff.  The second function will be to provide a larger space for outdoor activities when it is raining.  Accessible from anywhere on the property or buildings, the Gazebo will provide a central viewing place to sit and take in the variety of events that occur during camp. The Gazebo will be fully accessible.  

Cost: $50,000

The Loading Dock

It is important to us that our buildings are well-maintained and facilitate ministry well throughout the year (rather than making the process more complicated!). Since our camp kitchen was renovated a few years ago, we have noticed the need for a loading dock area near that back door to allow us to unload food orders even in temperamental Grey County weather. The plan is to create a covered area by extending the existing kitchen roof to connect to the end of one of our dorms. This renovation will involve framing, plywood sheeting, asphalt shingles, and exterior finishes like soffit and fascia.

Cost: $1500

Give & Help

We love to share in this process called New Life Camp! If you want to give of your time and talent in these projects, we can set up a date to work together or work alongside some others who have already planned a date to come. If you want to give with money, any amount is greatly appreciated and put in the general fund to be used towards whatever project we are working on at the time. Any questions or intentions, please give us a call or email us!